Russet Woods Community


What is the mission of the Russet Woods Community Homeowners Association?

The mission of the Russet Woods Community Homeowners Association is to improve the quality of community through neighborhood activities, investment in neighborhood amenities, and to help facilitate communication of issues to our residents that affect our neighborhood. The Association is an organization of volunteers that wish to improve the quality of our neighborhood.
The Russet Woods Community Homeowners Association works closely with the City of Hoover to uphold and enforce the codes and ordinances that govern our city.  This is to ensure that our Community is safe, beautiful and desirable for our residents.
The Russet Woods Community HOA is always looking for motivated, talented neighbors to join the board.  Email us for more information!

What are the annual dues for the Russet Woods Community?

The annual dues for the Russet Woods Community are $40 per year.  
You are considered a member of the Homeowner's Association after you have paid your annual dues.
The dues can be mailed to the PO Box listed in our Contact section or paid via PayPal.
We keep the dues low, kindly consider an additional donation.
Annual Dues and Donation Options

What do my annual dues pay for?

Your dues will fund the following:
  • Our website
  • The Russet Woods Yard of the Month Award
  • Russet Woods Community car magnets
  • Russet Woods Community t-shirts
  • Russet Woods Community Santa and Firetruck Parade
  • Russet Woods Community Yard Sale
  • Russet Woods Community entrances
  • Russet Woods Community street signs

I own a business and want to be more involved in the Russet Woods Community, how can I help?

We love doing business with our residents!  Please send an email here and let us know how you would like to help!
We would love for Russet Woods Community businesses to sponsor events and become involved in our community.

How can I volunteer with the Russet Woods Homeowner's Association?

The Russet Woods Homeowner's Association is made up of volunteers who contribute their time and skills to make the Community a great place to live.
We are always looking for those that are willing to give of your time and expertise to help the Community.
Please send an email here with your contact info and area of interest.

I live in the Grove, am I part of the Russet Woods Community?

The Russet Woods Community consists of Russet Woods, Southwood and Southwood Highlands.
The Grove is not part of the Russet Woods Community.  If you live in the Grove, please contact Ann or Harry Clark for assistance.

I have debris or large items that need to be taken away, how do I schedule this?

The City of Hoover will remove most large items that are put on the curb.  Simply submit a request to City Hall using My Hoover Connect 

I would like to report an issue to the City of Hoover, where can I do this?

My Hoover Connect is the perfect place to bring attention to violations of city codes and ordinances.
Some examples are:
Inoperable vehicles
Missed garbage pickup
Drive way build up request
Illegal dumping
Report a pothole
Hazardous trees
Overgrown lots

I want to start a Neighborhood Watch for my area, where can I find more information on this?

The goal of Neighborhood Watch is to reduce crime by educating the community, increasing reporting, and improving communication among neighbors.  Communication is also vital between the neighborhood itself and the Police Department.

Neighborhoods that are willing to communicate and interact with each other are better able to identify and report suspicious activity, therefore deterring potential criminal activity.

You and your neighbors are the ones who really know what is going on in your community.  By cooperating with each other and Law Enforcement, citizens can help fight crime in their neighborhood in the most effective way:  BEFORE it begins.
Go to the Hoover Police Department Neighborhood Watch page here 
Download the Hoover Police Neighborhood Watch Guide here 
Download the Neighborhood Watch manual here 
If you are willing to organize a Neighborhood Watch for your area, you have the full support of the Russet Woods Community Homeowner's Association!  Please contact us to let us know and to help promote your Watch program.